The Somerset Lesbian Network (SLN) was established by local women to create opportunities for adult (18+) lesbian, bisexual and questioning (LBQ) women in Somerset to network.  We aim to help reduce social isolation and the negative impact on health and well being of LBQ women, and to promote visibility and service equality within the county by working with service providers.

We meet informally at a monthly lunchtime social group called Out4Lunch, and send members a monthly newsletter giving information about this and other events that we know of.  We also have a secret Facebook page where women can keep in touch and share information about events both organised and informally arranged amongst members.  Activities have included lunches, cinema, walking, picnics, information sharing and the promotion of health and well-being.

sln drop-in pic

Out4Lunch is held in Taunton on the last Sunday of each month and we also encourage members  to arrange events throughout Somerset and advertise them in our newsletter and on the Facebook page.  Recently members have organised curry nights, skittles, lunches in Taunton and Ilminster, meet ups at the new LGBT bar in Weston-Super-Mare – and there will be more to come.

Membership to the Somerset Lesbian Network is open to women over the age of 18, who identify as lesbian, bi-sexual or questioning and have a clearly established connection with Somerset (ie live here, work here or visit family/friends here) If you feel that you don’t meet this description we may be able to offer information about other groups that might be more appropriate for you.

To contact the Somerset Lesbian Network or for information about how to become a member, please e mail us at:  slnetwork@hotmail.com

The Somerset Lesbian Network is a charity, run by a committee of volunteers drawn from the membership. It was originally funded by the founder members and then by grants from Somerset Equalities Officers Group, but is now self funding.

Committee members are invited to attend a number of equality and health groups within Somerset.

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